Origins Edit

Zero's parents, home, and real name are unknown, but at 17 he started selling robots as a master mechanic. He also made AIs for programmers. Rarely, he would create sentient robots to keep for a soul to use. He knew that if a soul inhabited a mechanical body, that the, "host," would become alive, as he was friends with Henry. When a murder was committed, he would stuff the body in a animatronic, wait a few hours, and if the robot showed signs of life and sentience, he would introduce it to the world. He did this because he knew that the souls would happier on Earth than the afterlife. He even made one that looked like him, but decided that it would it be for himself, because he couldn't tell if he was the human sometimes. When he was 20, Henry told Zero that there was a location (Fnaf 5) that might be worth looking into. So Zero went there, but got scooped due to a bug in the system. His soul managed to get into his own robot host, but he wasn't done. He built the Fazbear Museum when his soul reached the age of 22, as a memorial to those killed in the events of Freddy's, featuring all the robots he could get. Rivals of Freddy's, Freddy's, and some his own robots ended up in there.

Personality Edit

He's detriment, sly, and over all friendly. He tries to talk his way out of things, but is not afraid to having to do them. He is still a little scared of the sister location he died at, but is not afraid to go there to guide lost souls and get spare parts.

Looks Edit

Zero's a peach tone male, with black clothes, hair, and irises, with a wielding torch inside of his right hand. He has an army-grade knife, and has a steel metal animatronic body. Looks 17, but is really 22.