• These are ules to be modified ONLY by bureaucrats. Any changing will result in demotion and blocking, exceptions will be made for spelling and grammar.

Rules for Everyone

  • No spamming
  • No vandalism, it will get you a permanent block
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, or any other types of discrimination.
  • No Threating ANYONE ON THIS WIKI (will result in a permanent block)
  • No Bullying

Rules for Chatmods

  • No Abusing the Privilege of Being a Chatmod
  • No Acting in a Threatening or Agressive Way Towards Anyone
  • No Being Unfair Towards Anyone
  • No Being Overly Fair Towards Friends, Colleagues, Fellow Chatmods and any other people
  • No Threatening People
  • Follow any and all of the Rules for Everyone

Rules for Admins and Bureaucrats

  • No Promoting People Without a Promotion Request Approved by Rain
  • No Demoting People for no Obvious Reason
  • No Abusing the Privilege of Admin/Bureaucrat
  • Follow all the Chatmod Rules
  • Follow all the 'Rules for Everyone' Rules

Wiki Rules

  • No copying other's OC from this wiki.
  • No changing one thing than hitting publish to gain more edit points
  • No adding innapropiate content on wiki pages (ex. I hate you Sheepninja you're so stupid)
  • Add a ~(x4) signature where possible
  • No changing the concept of other people's OCs without permission from creator or any admin
  • No using Wiki Pages for personal use (ex. A page where you blog about all members of the wiki (this is to be made in the 'Blog' section of your profile))