Hello Wiki users, this is my first post here and I hope it's good enough for you.

Name: Wade

Species (Animal Type): Wolf (I understand this race is highly overused in the fandom, I will rebel, I am not trying to be "original", because when you do that, bad things will happen.)

Occupation: Inactive due to damage gained while being shipped.

Gender: Male

Looks: Wade is a gray wolf, the markings on him matching that of a real gray wolf. He has red eyes that glow, matching the stereotypical werewolf. Wade is quite large and fluffy, also from a werewolf. He wears dark blue jeans which have a belt around them. Wade also wears a black tie which is tied around his neck, while in motion, the tie could get caught in Wade's mechanical neck. Wade has three hair fluffs that stick out, nearly falling into his eyes. He has a bandage around his right eye, this is due to the fact that his eye was removed to repair another animatronic. Wade has a rubber tongue with metal in it, this allows someone realism when he's talking, sadly it was damaged. His legs are torn up, this is due to neglect. He is missing his right foot, an endoskeleton foot, however his right leg is mostly intact. His left leg however is missing most of the leg but it still has a foot. Wade's chest is slightly torn, same reason as his legs.

Starting location and activity:

(Notice this is my fan location.)

Wade begins in a small room where tools and spare parts are kept, he is buried under some boxes and sits in a small puddle, the room is very damp and musky, the roof was damaged in a violent storm and was never repaired.

Wade never actually moves, he simply sits in the room, occasionally, you can hallucinate and see Wade staring at you, his eye socket glowing bright red.

Occupation: Wade is not being used, however he was going to play the role of a villain, trying to "steal" the gold of the other animatronics. He was going to be scared off by the children.

Extras: Wade is a robot, he does NOT date. He is programmed to be sarcastic and angry. Wade has a "twin" named Fade which is just a re-color of him with a few minor changes, Fade works the ticket counter.