Tuna TunesEdit

​"No! I am NOT a fish! I am a CAT!" ~Tuna


Tuna Tunes starts in Classic Country (new wing to FFP2) appearing on all nights. She is what people would call, ​detailed. She lazily browses through right hall (cam 6), where her wing is. She is often turned away from you, viewing new posters on wall. The mask is not needed when she waltz in, for she isnt paying attention. She will walk in through the vent, ignore you, and check out the posters, before leaving through the vent in the center. She does however attract other amitronics! Then, she will continue her rounds around the building. Try to keep her out of Prize Corner, as she would release the puppet. If she passes her rounds without bumping into other amitronics, your safe as she returns to her wing. If she does bump into someone, however, your done for. She will start screeching like a bird and run straight toward you. The mask would NOT help. She has some likeness to GF. The only way to stop her from wandering, and bring her in a certain room, is to find the small, almost unnoticable, bell hidden in each room. (so no random clicking LOL)

​Looks (until picture)Edit

She is a toy animatronic cat with blue fur, pink-purple cheeks, completely yellow legs and arms, yellow circles on her eyes, a yellow muzzle, a yellow tail tip, yellow tipped ears, and a yellow belly.

Backstory Edit

Tuna Tunes had a twin named Milky Melody at the old location. Yet, when Milk starting to malfunction, they destroyed her, causing Tuna to glitch, as they were connected together by their wires (NOT LITERALLY). When the boss noticed, she instantly went into repair, taking 5 years. It worked well for about a year, until she started to glitch again. Seeing that there was no way to fix her, they completely destroyed her and rebuilt her.

Trivia Edit

  • She only appears in her toy form in FNAF2, never to be seen again.