Shez the sheep is a animatronic Toy sheep that was made before FNaF2, and then snuck into a truck with the old animatronics to hide in the FNaF1 location. 

Behavior FNaF2

Shez is referred to as, "Toy Shez" in FNAF2. Although Shez has no history of violence or jumpscares, the newer Toy Shez alerts Foxy when BB disables the Night Guard's flashlight. Sometimes, he will pop up infront of the Night Guard and if the Night Guard doesn't put the head on fast enough he will stay there permanently.


Night: 1

On this night Shez will rarely move however he will almost always stare abnormally at the camera.

Night: 2

Shez will often get up and move into one of the party rooms or the back of the hallway if Foxy isn't there preparing to alert Foxy.

Night: 3

Shez will sometimes move into one of the vents and pop up in front of the guard. If the guard doesn't put his Freddy Mask on quickly Shez will stay there infront of him permanently, blocking his view.

Night: 4

This night Shez will be by BB's side all the night. He will only leave to pop up in front of you and block your view.

Night: 5

Shez will be continously alerting Foxy even if the Night Guard's flashlight isn't disabled.

Night: 6

Will act in a very aggressive way with his eyes being covered by red streamers. He was never the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Night: 7

Depends on A.I levels.

Behavior FNaF1

In FNaF1 Shez hides in the kitchen in a slouched position. His battery has depleted to a point where he can only think. He can't move. In the kitchen he is located in a rather large side room. Fazbear Entertainment doesn't know about him.

On encountering an animatronic that has somehow entered the rather large side room Shez will play his jingle. Contrary to popular belief he will actually play the jingle, although it's not Freddy's. He can view cameras and gains a slow trickle of power by hooking himself up to a wire he found in a dent, in a wall. 

He disabled the cameras to stop word getting out about him.


  • BB will still come and disable the flashlight even if Shez is blocking the Night Guard.
  • On Night 6 he will cover his eyes with red tissue paper to make him look evil.
  • He was never the sharpest robot in the pizzeria.