Savannah Sparks is a tough, hard working female security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.



Savannah, or her preferred name, Savi, is a tall slim woman with brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is usually pulled back into a pony tail, which goes through the back of her security guard hat. 

Her uniform is blue, with black sectioning, along with her badge. She wears black pants, and brown shoes.

Depending on her mood, she will sometimes have a club with her, or a machine gun.


Savi is not very friendly toward the animatrons, with a few exceptions. Although her appearance is fierce and determined, which she is, but she can also be a heart warming friend.

Savannah has trust issues due to a bad experience with people as a young girl. But once trust is gained, she will be a very loyal friend. Always determined to do her job right, and very independent.

Savi is very strong and tough, she has a tremendous amount of integrity and resilience, with an exception for her experiences as a child.


Although some consider Savi mean, she has friends.

Kenzi- BFFs!!

Margaret- Friends

Gj- Hasn't met, but wants to.

Robo- Same as Gj

Sheep- Thinks he is nice.

Kenny- Eh.

Steve- He's cool!- Friends.

Poofy- Same as Gj and Robo

Zaine Gair- Ehh.

Balloon Boy- HATE

Toy & Freddy- HATE

Toy & Chica- HATE

(Okay, basically she hates most animatronics. :T )