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with this one the charcater has the thing where hes old so the paiynt is all gone and he is less gold then before cuz the painy is all gone so now hes red and hes staind cuz its phantom and hes a halucination and not reall real

Powers Edit

can teliport in your ofice and kil u when u hav camera upo/wen hes out of ordder he runs into 6u and megakillls you

Weakness Edit

he can die when you have a flashliht point at him because iini my fan vesrion of fanf three you have a f;lashlight and move around in 3d version of fnaf one and point flashlights to scar the aminotronics away and you have to surviv the night after scariing away the all of the aminoitrinics and theu get more agresove every night after you rcontinutuing to shin you rflashluigfht at tyhem

Triva Edit

He looks like phantom foxy.

Bulit Edit

20 [hes the samee one1`]

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