Appearence Edit

An animatronic owl with his wings for his hands. He is 2.0 m tall, and is about 85.9 kg. He is mostly green, but has a bluey-green belly and blue claws for feet. He wears a red bowtie.

Personality Edit

He hunts down and kills anyone wih betrays him or his friends. He is neutural to mostly anybody else. He helps his friends out in any way he can. He is usually quiet, but is extreamly smart. He knows exactly where the nightguard is, and knows every piece of equiptment he uses. He loves sweets, however he doesn't like onions. He takes pity on children and helps them survive when they get stuck inside the pizzeria.

History Edit

Oasis was originally made to play the drums on the stage in Freddy Fazbears Pizza, but was moved to delivering pizza because they decided not to use drums in their preformances. When The Purple Guy came and stuffed a 15-year-old kid inside him, he started to help all children. He starts in the kitchen.

Activity Edit

Night 1: Tries to get in the office at 5

Night 2: Tries to get in the office at 4

Night 3: Tries to get in the office at 3

Night 4: Tries to get in the office at 2

Night 5: Tries to get in the office at 1

Night 6: Same as night 5

Night 7: Set by the AI