Nero is a black horse with brown eyes. His eyes become red when it's 12 AM. Nero is easy to see, because he is very tall.

Nero starts at the parts/service room (2nd game). He always takes the west hall and the dining room (1st game). Sometimes he hides in the prize corner as a broken animatronic (2nd game). The reason why is unknown.


Nero never takes air vents. He hides in big rooms or in the parts/service room.

his activity:

night 1: Nero never moves

night 2: Nero starts to move. Check the prize corner several times, he hides there.

night 3: Nero becomes more aggressive. Take a look at the right door, he takes that door.

night 4: Beware of Nero. If you have a door open, close that one

night 5: This night is Nero super dangerous. He always try to come in your office

night 6: Nero hides more. He stops moving at 4 AM

night 7: A.I menu

Five Nights at Fuckboy's 2 Edit

Nero returns as toy Nero in FNaF 2. A little bit more dangerous. He hides in other places and always try to come to your office.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Edit

Nero returns as phantom Nero and he is scarier and faster. He has a new jumpscare and he hides in every blind spot. Beware of him.

other versions Edit

Toy Nero: A toy version. Black fur, blue eyes. Cute, but moves a lot.

Shadow Nero: a shadow of Nero. White eyes and white teeth. Sometimes, he comes to your office.

Phantom Nero: A burnt Nero. He has one eye and a broken ear. There are rips in his body.