Hello Everyone!

I know we've been having hard times lately, and I would like to personally thank everyone for standing tall. We've eradicated most of the vandalism and the wiki is up and running. This, is thanks to you guys!

Some Reminders:

  • Please do not randomly upgrade people's priviliges without permission from a bureaucrat or the founder.
  • When using the talk pages please use a friendly and warm tone!


Does anyone know who the user User:A_Tiny_Horse is? They have been posting photos on the founders profile and the Margaret_Maine_Coon page. I believe they may be connected to the vandallism.

Thank You!

Your Friendly Rollbacks, Sysops, ChatMods, Mods, Admins and Bureaucrats.

Sheepninja, the sheepiest ninja around! (talk) 12:44, June 2, 2015 (UTC)