Margaret is a social, Outback loving, Australian Maine Coon. She is a children's entertainer housed at Freddy Fazbears Pizza.


Margaret by margaretlovez-d86yxkc-3


Margaret is a grey animatronic Maine Coon. Her eyes are blue, with a trail of eyelashes. She wears a green bandana around her neck. Which extends onto her long grey cat body. Her ear has a black sectioned space on it, and the inside color is similar to that of her belly fur. Her body is sectioned off along with her legs, likewise to a regular animatronic.

Margaret's hair is shorter in the front which slides off her face into a curl, and is longer in the back behind her ear. It's seperated into rainbow colors throughout. Her tail has a similar pattern.


Margaret's behavior is very alike to the other animatronics, she entertains children at their parties by giving them piggy back rides, and singing and dancing during the day. While at night, she is your worst nightmare and will do anything it takes to murder you on sight. Even during the day she is a bit grumpy, hence her agaitated appearance in the images.

Gettin real tired of yo shit by margaretlovez-d8aa83u-1

Margaret on all fours

Margaret will usually approach you on all fours. She can be seen clinging to walls, and once in a while standing up to stare at the camera. She is extremely hostile and is probably your biggest threat. They may be hidden, but Margaret has huge sharp claws and teeth. And during the night she is anxious to 'play'. She makes a demented meow every time she has entered a new location. She will appear on the right door, and can quickly disable them. She will sneak into the office upon entering the moniter, she will make a purring sound, and upon lowering the moniter, she will be clawing at you.


  • Margaret is the only animatronic seen on all fours.
  • Her hair may be a reference to Rainbow Dash in, 'MLP'
  • She is very grumpy day/night.
  • She is Austrailian and has a thick accent.
  • She is very tough and outgoing.
  • Margaret has trust issues, but once trusted, she is very loyal.
  • She is very handy in sticky situations.
  • She may be mean, but still approachable for help.
  • She has a best friend, "Poofy Poodle"