Kenzi is the daughter of Chica and Freddy, hence "Chi-bear."  She is a singer in the Freddy FazBear band.


She has a bear head, chicken body, arms and legs. She wears a bib that reads; "Let's Play!" She has a pink bow in her small tuft of yellow chicken hair. Along with small stud earrings in her bear ears. She carries a microphone with her at all times.


Night 1 and 2: Not very active, if any.

Night 3, 4, and 5: Comes out when Freddy comes out. 

Custom Night: Will come out no matter what, will be very active. The custom night is the breaking point for her and she will do whatever to kill the player.

Locations and attacks

Kenzi has been seen in 4 different locations.

  1. The normal show stage, where every animatronic starts off.
  2. The kitchen area, both her and her brother, Kenny, will be in this specific location. Kenny will be hanging from the ceiling, and Kenzi will be hanging from Kenny. Kenny is upside-down while Kenzi is right-side-up.
  3. In her "bedroom", a secret tunnel behind the "Celebrate!" poster. She will teleport here and attack after seen at,
  4. The show stage. She will be seen here standing, with her microphone to her lips. She will be heard singing a soft version of "Ring Around the Rosy" but will sound demonic on "Down!" She will then disappear from the showstage and appear in her tunnel, forcibly pushing the camera down and killing the player.


Freddy: Dad; Absolutely adores him!

Chica: Mom; Loves her just as much as Freddy.

Kenny: Big bwudder; Loves him Just as much as Chica.

Bonnie: Bandmate; Often tries to eat his feet. (A.K.A Da Fooy)

Foxy: Colleague; Thinks he is really cool, loves his pirate talk.

Gjlewis: Uncle; Loves him just as much as Chica. 

Steve: Friend; Loves hanging with him.

Robot Electro Jones: Friend; Thinks he is Really cool.

Golden Freddy: Grandpa; Never met him...


  • Is a complete Daddy's girl!
  • Loves to sing, annoy Kenny, play with her dad, and cause mischief around the pizzeria.
  • Does not mind being called adorable.
  • Is very protective of her family.


If there is anything I missed please inform me. If there is anything wrong, or you think something is irrelivant please tell me or post it in the comments below. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. This is Kenzi, Signing out! Baiiiiiiii! =3