Kiki the Dragon is a secret animatronic that is ultra hostile. Don't mess with her... you know why... she's like the others but will attack the guard the quick as possible


She was the first animatronic for the pizzeria, but she didn't look good as Freddy and the others... Now, She wants to dismantle the others like they did to her... yes, they dismantled her.


Night 1:Edit

She is in the kitchen, don't move at all like Freddy. She destroyed the camera in the kitchen, so they don't see what she looks like.

Night 2:Edit

She moves a bit out of the kitchen, but it's hard to see her in the cameras. She gets the best place to hide from the cameras, where you can't see her.

Night 3:Edit

She starts to go to the office, less than all the other nights. She will attack the Guard with a fire breath that will melt the Guard and the whole office.

Night 4:Edit

She starts to get angry and goes to the office burning the walls and, if she sees one, animatronics.

Night 5:Edit

She's angry, now, she burns everything. Including the whole, PIZZERIA!