GG is an animatronic that carries a real sword. That's right, be afraid, be very afraid. She is actually very unique when it comes to circuitry.


GG is a grey gargoyle with massive wings and a long, lion-like tail. She is textured like stone. She is wearing a torn, sky-blue tank top and torn-up denim (jean) shorts and a sword scabbard for her sword (duh). She has thick ram horns that curl back. The horns are made from real horn. GG can and does ram into things, mainly what makes her angry. She has waist-length raven hair. Her fangs are not poisoned. GG has a switch that allows her to go from "day mode" to "night mode".


GG is from medieval times. At least, that is what she's programmed for. She does not speak normal English, she speak medieval English. But everyone is used to it now. Don't mess with her unless you want a sword in your gut. Foxy learned that the hard way.


Night 1: Doesn't move at all. 0/20

Night 2: She prepares in the kitchen, but sill not much of a threat. 0/20

Night 3: Your soul will be evaluated from the stage. 0/20

Night 4: Still, nothing. 0/20


Night 6: UNSTOPPABLE!!! 25/20

Night 7: Depends ?/20


Poofy- Meh

Margaret- Eeeeeehhhhh

Zekrome- Best Friend

Zoey- Best Friend

Kenzi- Meh



~GG does not have a rage form, because she is very lethal on her own.

~GG has her own job in FFP. She works alone, except for Gina.

~GG's switch turns her from completely medieval to normal. But even in normal mode she talks medievaly.

~GG isn't not related to anyone, but she has some feelings for Freddie (Toy Freddy).

~GG and Foxy got into a fight about who sounds weirder, and, well... Lets just say Foxy didn't always have a hole in his stomach.

(O.C. created by: TheWizard OfOdd- A.K.A. Poofy)
("GG Gargoyle" 2015©)

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