"Yarr, Welcome to the Pirate's Cove! My name is Foxen The Pirate Fox!"- Foxen the pirate

Story Edit

Foxen Is a golden fox he usually stays in a Diffrent Pirate's cove in a Alternate universe of Freddy fazbears pizza he wears a hook on his right arm and has a eye patch on his left eye and wears shorts and acts like Foxy, He also caused the bite of 78, 83,85, 87 and 93

Where he lives Edit

In a Alternative Universe in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria

Species Edit

Robotic Yellow Fox

Where he is Edit

Stays on the Pirate's Cove

Likes Edit

Being a pirate, Performing

Dislikes Edit

Purple Guy

Triva Edit

  1. He looks like foxy.
  2. He Is Yellow Like An Golden/Spring Animatronic

Creator Edit

Foxy on five nights at Freddy's amino.

Year he was made! Edit

Made in 1978

Broke In 1983

Stored in Parts And Service Room in 1987

Fixed In 1993

Scrapped and Broken in 2023

Other robots there Edit

Freddie= WIP

Chican= WIP

Bonnio= WIP

Golden Freddie= WIP

Traits Edit

On Day: Nice, Funny, Acting Like Pirate

On Night: Scary, Acting Like Possesed By Dead Kid's Spirit

Role Edit

He plays The Actual Role As An Golden Version Of Foxy

Timelines in the universe Edit

Fnaf 1 = Foxen The Pirate Fox

Fnaf 2 = WitheredFoxen

Fnaf 3 = Phantom Foxen

Fnaf 4 = Nightmare Foxen

Fnaf Sister Location = Funtime Chica Replaces Him And He Is No Where To Be Seen.