Finn the fox is a gangsta fox with black paws. He looks like a real hood born gangsta. he starts at the money room

Activity Edit

Finn starts at the money room. He always takes a shit. Sometimes he moves. And when he moves, he is very dangerous, because he drags his filthy ass everywhere. It's hard to see him, because he has a dark colour.

night 1: sometimes he moves, but he doesn't attack

night 2: Finn starts to become gangsta.

night 3: He goes to your office and try to rap. Beware

night 4: he always try to go to your office, and he will pop a cap in yo ass

night 5: He becomes a nigga(don't worry i have the n word pass). If you have a door open, beware, he will rob you

night 6: please beware. He hides in yo mamas pussy

night 7: choose in A.I menu

Five Nights at Freddy's 2Edit

Finn returns as Toy finn the humman, more dangerous. Beware of him, because he has real nipples.

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Edit

Finn returns as Phat finn

Finn becomes dangerous than ever. He goes to all blind spots of the camera's. Finn is gayer than ever!

Five nights at Freddy's 4 Edit

Nightmare finn comes. He is the gayest of all versions

Relationships Edit

Freddy: BoyFriend

Bonnie: Not interested

Chica: Good friend

Foxy: Best Boyfriend

Mangle: Good Boyfriend

Golden freddy: never talks to Finn

other versions: Edit

sans: sans (sans)