Entesi is an animatronic dragon who works in the fictional restaurant called Chef Bo-Bo's. She is a secondary character and serves as a singer along with being the sister of Bo-Bo.

The Original Entesi

The first Entesi has a very bland design. She also has missing hands that were torn off due to kids playing with her roughly. She's extremely hostile towards anyone, especially kids, but cannot attack anyone during the day due to programming. Her jaw is also stuck shut due to the servos locking up in her head.

FNAF Entesi

The original Entesi. Note the missing hands and stuck jaw.

Toy Entesi

Due to the original Entesi's unusual looking design, the company that owns Chef Bo-Bo's decided to remake her into a more child-friendly character. This design has a working jaw, has hands, and also has a slightly different colour palette. Her backstory is that she came from the future to entertain and look after the kids. She is the only character in the restaurant that doesn't have hostile tendencies, and actually wants to protect the kids. Unlike the old Entesi, this one is made fully of metal to avoid any more damage.

Redesigned FNAF Entesi

The new Entesi.


  • The old Entesi was not scrapped, however she is still sometimes seen hiding under objects only kids usually look under.
  • Both Entesi's dislike each other a lot, mainly because of jealously; old Entesi because she was replaced, and Toy Entesi because she finds the old Entesi less girly.
  • Chef Bo-Bo's does not use alliteration in the characters names like in the original Five Nights at Freddy's. Every animatronic character in the restaurant is a dragon, yet none of their names start with D.
  • If Entesi was compared to a character from the original game, she would be most like Chica.
  • Toy Entesi is still classed as Bo-Bo's sister, even though she is set to have come from the future.
  • Entesi was created by Entesi. The original art can be found here.