Here are some emotes you might like! These are to be used in the wiki chat. For a full list please view the Emoticons page.

FNaF Emotes

Foxy: (foxy)

Chica: (chica)

Freddy: (freddy)

Bonnie: (bonnie)

Golden Freddy: (GF)

FNaF2 Emotes

Toy Freddy: (toyfreddy)

Toy Bonnie: (toybonnie)

Toy Chica: (toychica)

Mangle: (mangle)

BB: (BB)

Puppet: (puppet)

User Emotes

ChicaAnimatronic: (chicaanimatronic)

sheepninja: (sheepninja)

ToyFreddy: (toyfreddywiki)


Sonic: (sonic)

Important Note:

Please do not ask any of the admins for a emote of your profile picture to be updated. If you would like to request a FNaF emote be uploaded send a message to Sheepninja or Spicy Squirrelz as it requites admin rights and a knowledge of the wiki. View the admin page for a admin request.